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Children and Families Staffordshire

Education & Skills

We need to recruit and train additional volunteers to support children, young people and their parents and carers.

Total received £3,715.19

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About the Project

We will recruit, train and support much needed additional volunteers to support disadvantaged and vulnerable children, young people and their parents/carers, supporting children to enjoy positive activities, raise their levels of confidence and self esteem, ensuring they attend school and achieve successful outcomes. Parents will be supported to improve health and overall well being for themselves and their families. Local people will be trained and supported to become volunteers gaining valuable experience helping them on the road to employment. Volunteers provide 1-1 support for a child/young person or for a whole family, they spend 2-3 hours a week helping them to participate in activities to improve health and well being, shopping, cooking, eating healthy meals, exercise and diet.

Children and Families Staffordshire website

About the Charity

We provide practical help and support to disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people and their parents/carers in Stoke-on-Trent and parts of North Staffordshire. We recruit, train and support local people as volunteers to provide 1-1 befriending and mentoring to individuals to help raise confidence, self esteem and motivation, helping them to have a healthier lifestyle, attend school more regularly and with confidence, socialise and enjoy positive activities. Parent volunteers support whole families to be healthier and safer, improve their mental hand physical health. Younger volunteers befriend children with special needs and support them to access and participate in fun activities that non disabled children may take for granted such as bowling, cinema, pony riding etc.