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The Moot

We aim to provide a safe community space. We occupy 8 acres of earthworks, steep slopes, unguarded parapets and woodland. Whilst magical to visit, it must also be safe for the community.

Total received £3,780.91

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About this cause

We are freely open to the public throughout the year, providing open community space, natural habitat and an opportunity for volunteering through social prescribing and support networks. We host several events throughout the year for local gatherings (Easter Egg Hunt, Dog Show, Music and Dance). As a site of historical interest, preservation of the Moot is core to the Trust's values.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

We provide open community space which is freely available throughout the year. We have been noticeably busier throughout the coronavirus pandemic, providing tranquility, space for play/exercise or for visitors to meet safely within the guidelines on social distancing. Volunteers helping to maintain the Moot achieve a sense of purpose and beneficence for their support.