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Pole to Pole


We want to expand our innovative services for people with complex mental health difficulties who face multiple challenges in everyday life.

Total received £5,025.05

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About the Project

Pole to Pole is a new approach for people with mental health problems, and those who support them such as friends, family or carers. It focuses on exploring experience of mental health difficulties and communicating this with important people in your life. Pole to Pole will be delivered over 3 sessions and a resource pack is included for each participant. The resource pack backs up the learning in the sessions and includes a map to explore how we are in different situations and mood states; a guide to identify what is important to us and provides a direction for us to travel in future; the travelog booklet contains smaller versions of the map and guide to track our moods and values over time; the itinerary is a quick reference booklet to help remind us what we've learned in the sessions

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About the Charity

We support people with severe and enduring mental health conditions to better self-manage their conditions and access employment. We have created a range of provision to cater for the complex needs of our clients - those who have been ignored from employability support, often for many years, or have a series of failures from past learning/training/employment history, we have developed a programme to build capacity for beneficiaries to self-manage conditions, reduce hospital admissions, relapses, reduce the cost and demand for mental health services and ultimately engage in job seeking services. Running through all of our work is innovative use of an emerging therapy - cognitive remediation therapy – work described as “world leading” by Dr Clare Reeder, Kings College, London, this year.