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The Wild Mind Project

We aim to continue supporting the wellbeing of young people struggling with mental ill-health, as well as their parents/carers, through creative and nature-based activities and workshops.

Total received £4,890.89

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About this cause

Through a unique combination of nature-based activities, art therapy and psychotherapy, we provide early intervention wellbeing support for 10-25 years old struggling with mental ill-health. We also support their parent/carers to develop a trusting, secure relationship with their young person, and support the wellbeing needs of parents/carers.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Our programmes have evolved to develop a holistic approach that includes a wider network of wellbeing influence beyond this project. We run events to raise awareness in education centres and places of work. We encourage our participants to give back to the community and offer them opportunities to mentor new participants. These can help to protect mental health and provide a sense of purpose.