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We aim to acquire one years' worth of Personal Protective Equipment for our drivers, passenger assistants and passengers to ensure their hygiene protection during bus journeys.

Total received £2,319.96

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About this cause

Hoppa is a nonprofit organisation that provides accessible, affordable, and supportive transportation services to the residents of a rural borough. Hoppa’s services are vital for people who are disadvantaged in some way e.g. infirmity, disability, vulnerability, or isolation. There are about 70,000 passenger trips made every year of which approximately 3000 involve wheelchair users.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Hoppa's services empower older and disabled people to achieve better social, health and economic outcomes by supporting their continued independent mobility. Hoppa takes them conveniently and affordably wherever they want to go, such as grocery stores, clinics, hospitals, and other local services. We promote social inclusion for an aging and rurally isolated population.