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PeerTalk offers safe spaces for people to talk, be heard and be supported by others – helping people get through tough times with peer support, strengthening wellbeing and offering a sense of hope.

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About this cause

PeerTalk helps people facing depression, anxiety or related distress through peer support groups, facilitated by two trained volunteers. Our purpose is to offer a friendly, safe, non-clinical space where people can offload and be supported by others who understand as they have similar experiences, and so are best placed to offer empathy and practical advice. People are heard and hope flourishes.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

PeerTalk helps the local community to come together as it is driven by local people for the benefit of local people. We operate in local community spaces, eg, at Intact Community Centre, where we make full use of the facilities. After each meeting, we use the centre's café. Our group attendees and volunteers feel part of the fabric of the centre, engendering a sense of belonging and wellbeing.