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Education & Skills

We want to set up a 'World Debate Club' for local young people in Hammersmith so we can improve their life chances and cultural fluency.

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About this cause

Our vision is to ‘fuel the power of persuasion’ by providing opportunities for young people to develop skills enabling them to be economically active citizens in the 21st Century. Our 'World Debate Club' project aims to develop the employability and life skills of young people with a specific aim to improve their social networks, interpersonal skills, confidence and by doing so reduce barriers to employment for those facing disadvantage. The young people IDEA works with face multiple barriers to education and ultimately employment, quite often they suffer from poverty of opportunity, low aspirations and suffer from discrimination leaving them marginalised in society

How this cause brings people in the community together

World Debate Club is a weekly Debate Club for young people aged 16-24yrs in Hammersmith. It is unique in that young people will debate with their peers each month around the world via video conferencing. Our weekly Wednesday afternoon sessions develop self-esteem and confidence alongside critical thinking skills with a specific aim to improve their inter-cultural fluency, social networks and life chances of young people. By attending World Debate Club young people will learn to master the art of persuasion, pick up techniques that can improve their grades in school or college and support them into higher education, develop 21st Century employment skills, learn about politics, the world and democracy, learn to think critically and speak confidently in public.