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Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity

We would like to provide counselling and peer support groups for people across Yorkshire of all ages who are living with, or affected by, a brain tumour, as well as bereaved loved ones.

Total received £3,144.46

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About this cause

We support people living with a brain tumour and their loved ones across Yorkshire. This includes children and adults of all ages and backgrounds. We offer emotional, practical and financial support from diagnosis for as long as we are needed, including in bereavement. We offer support groups, peer support, email, telephone and online support, patient grants, benefit clinics and counselling.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Our project would enable us to bring peers together to share experiences and offer support to each other emotionally, socially and practically. It is important to speak to someone who really understands. We would build networks and connections to ensure people do not feel so alone. Brain tumours are isolating. We are there to ensure people can offer hope and support when it is needed.