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We would like to give parents and health professionals easy-to-remember information about how to spot the signs of a heart defect.

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About this cause

We help babies with congenital heart disease, their families and the health professionals who look after them. We want every baby with a serious heart condition to have the best chance of survival and enjoy a good quality of life. Sadly, heart defects are one of the biggest killers in babies under one and are responsible for one in 13 infant deaths. Every two hours, a baby is born with a serious heart condition and only around a third of these are picked up during routine pre-natal scanning. We’ve got a proud track record of helping improve the detection, care and treatment of babies with serious heart conditions. We train sonographers to spot defects during pregnancy scans, support families, campaign to improve service standards, raise awareness and support academic research.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Babies with undetected heart defects are often in the early stages of heart failure before anyone realises they are seriously ill, which is especially dangerous in rural communities where access to critical services is difficult. Local mums-to-be, health professionals and new parents need to know the signs of undetected heart defects and how common and serious these can be.