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Hurst Primary School Parents Association


To replace a broken Public Announcement and lighting system for our school hall.

Raised so far:


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About this cause

We are the Parents Association for Hurst Primary School. Our role is to contribute to the improvement and quality of school life for all. Fundraising is a major part of our PA activities, we provide a varied annual set of events which ultimately give us the ability to pay for things outside of the school's budget. We have funded many things like playground equipment and new books for the library. Alongside raising money we also like to give back to the community with foodbank donations. Our PA provides a great way to build the whole school community, including links with the wider society, all of which benefits the school and offers a positive influence within the local area. It is our children and the way that we school and raise them that will become the communities of the future.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

At Hurst Primary, our children and their families are our community. Being able to put on our school shows with a working sound and lighting system is a great way to bring our community together to celebrate the arts. The children love being able to perform and to show their families everything they have learnt and we hope to improve this experience with the help of the Co-op Local Community Fund.