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Friends of Hungerford Primary School

We aim to buy some floor robots, so we can teach computer programming skills to students to prepare them for future success in life.

Total received £1,243.28

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About this cause

Friends of Hungerford Primary School is formed by parents and aims to support Hungerford Primary to achieve its goal of providing the best educational experience for our children. We work in cooperation with the school to identify ways in which we might provide support, both financial and practical. We fundraise, make grant applications and try to find skilled individuals who might be able to assist the school. The funds we raise are used to subsidise educational trips for the children, improve the environment (both inside and outside), and buy challenging and exciting books and equipment to enhance their learning experience. We are keen to support parents directly with practical solutions, such as our second-hand school uniform initiative.

Friends of Hungerford Primary School website

How this cause brings people in the community together

This year we ran a parent and child computing workshop. With more equipment, we could run more workshops on programming skills, encouraging parents and children to work together within the school. This will also help encourage young people to use IT creatively rather than just as a social media tool, as it is this creativity that companies will be looking for in future employees.