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Wider World


We intend to run two enrichment programmes to support 24 children from low-income backgrounds, aged 8–12, delivered in the school holidays.

Total received £1,243.28

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About this cause

Wider World improves the lives of children from under-privileged backgrounds by providing enriching experiences. The lack of equality impacts on children’s learning, wellbeing and future employability, so our enrichment programmes work in partnership with parents, schools and the local community to offer sustained, personalised and early intervention. Our enrichment days purposefully encompass a broad range of experiences including science, history, the arts, sport and the world of work. Children develop seven core life and learning skills, which are confidence, resilience, setting and reaching goals, problem-solving, leadership, teamwork and curiosity.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Children meet a range of adults on the programme, including volunteers, the civil service and others from the local community. The children interact with the adults delivering their activities, as well as the staff working in venues. The children’s sense of belonging increases and the adults’ perception of young people improves as they support the children to develop key life and learning skills.