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G&CH Parish Council


We aim to provide play facilities for disabled and young teenagers in our park and a raised bed of sensory plants for disabled people.

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About this cause

Glusburn and Cross Hills Parish Council is committed to using the funds we receive for the benefit of the community. Typical use of our funds include helping to provide a lift in the local institute, provision of clean and serviceable public toilets, both in the main street and the local park, provision of street lights at Christmas, support for the local library which is now run by volunteers, and support for a local arts festival in the autumn. In addition to the above we have a well-used park, with a play area for small children, a tennis court and skate humps. We aim to completely redo the toilets in the main street and also to upgrade the park with more equipment for younger teenagers and more facilities for disabled people.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

This project is aimed at providing a wider range of activities for families. It will enable parents to bring the whole family whereas at present there are no play facilities suitable for young teenagers. We also aim to build a sensory raised flower bed that can be accessed by people with sensory impairment, and disabilities, especially those in a wheelchair.