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Get Home Safe

Our project aims to help vulnerable adults in our community get home safely from nights out.

Total received £3,043.99

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About this cause

We run educational talks in schools and colleges regarding how to be safe when out and about, as well as the risks of not getting home safely. Recently we have also started a Taunton Safe Hub working with the St John Ambulance to provide a safe place and first aid if required for vulnerable young adults in Taunton Town centre on pay day weekends. This is achieving our aims in helping vulnerable people get home safely after a night out. Unfortunately, we are hearing far too often of young adults not making it home, this is something we are trying prevent. Our future aims, once we have secured funding, would be to help families who have lost a family member who didn't make it home. We would also like to do some work with travel companies for young adult holidays.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Our plan is to encourage more volunteers for the Taunton Safe Hub, to be able to bring people together in reducing the risks of not getting home safely by educating young people and parents. We aim to bring people together who have been through the same tragedy.