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Loddon PTA


We would like to fund a variety of educational and play resources to help develop the skills of all the children at the school.

Total received £4,413.34

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About this cause

Loddon Primary School Parent Teacher Association raises funds to enhance the learning experience and build the school community at Loddon Primary School. Due to rising pupil numbers in the borough, Loddon Primary has recently expanded and pupil numbers will rise from 400 to 600. The PTA fundraises to provide equipment and experiences that local government funding cannot stretch to. We have previously provided funding for a Foundation Stage library, pirate ship playground equipment and a dining room project.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Providing "Living Eggs" will teach the children about evolution and responsibility, allowing them to co-ordinate the care for another living thing between themselves. Our 'Christmas Market' event will encourage the children to develop their entrepreneurial and money-handling skills, and practice interpersonal skills. It is important that we promote cohesion as we expand our intake.