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Space & The Broomhouse Hub


We plan to organise more trips and outings for 40 older people with dementia.

Total received £1,243.28

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About this cause

The Broomhouse Centre provides a range of support services to the most vulnerable residents living in South West Edinburgh. These include a daycare service for older people of 65 yrs+ with dementia, one-to-one companionship for older people who are lonely and isolated, group activities for young carers struggling to cope with caring for a family member, befriending activities for young people affected by parental substance use, and a drop-in café for local families. For older people with dementia we help them maintain their social skills for as long as possible. For older people who are lonely and isolated, a volunteer will help them become more connected in the community with more friends and social activities. We strive to help children and young people improve their quality of life.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Taking older people with dementia out on days trips is a fantastic experience. Driving through Edinburgh, heading for Portobello Beach, Arthur's Seat or The Botanic Garden can trigger memories of childhood experiences. These experiences enable our staff and volunteers to find out more about a person's history and life experience which can then be used as a topic for individual and group chats.