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Liverpool Cares


We plan to run free activities, skill workshops and cultural visits so old and young neighbours can reconnect with the city and each other.

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About this cause

Liverpool Cares is a community network of young professionals and older neighbours (65+), hanging out and helping one another in our rapidly changing city. We do this because although Liverpool is a wonderful place, it is changing rapidly. That can leave some people feeling lonely and left behind. For older neighbours in particular – many of whom have spent a lifetime in their neighbourhoods – the rush and pace of the city can feel overwhelming. Meanwhile, young professionals might have hundreds of connections in the digital age, but lack meaningful local relationships. That’s why we bring these two groups together to reduce loneliness and isolation, improve confidence and bridge generational divides. Neighbours share time, laughter and friendship for the benefit of all.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Each social club will offer an exciting day out for older and younger neighbours alike. They bridge social and generational divides by creating unique opportunities for two of the loneliest groups in today’s society to share friendship. From having a laugh with Alma at Singalong, or Kenneth at Shared Reading, each activity brings our 360 strong (and growing) community, and our city, closer.