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Border Search & Rescue Unit


We are kitting out a training room to enable community volunteers to engage in training to make them more more resilient.

Total received £4,024.14

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About this cause

We provide a 24-hour, 365-day vital emergency search and rescue service within the local community. This ranges from dealing with lost or injured people within the whole community to people who have contemplated taking their own lives. During spells of inclement weather we work with the local council and health board using our 4x4 vehicles to ensure that medical supplies are delivered and key personnel are able to attend their work. We work with local resilience groups to provide basic first aid and navigation skills so that they are able to deal with the basics in an emergency. We are currently building a mountain rescue base which will enable us to engage further with the local community by providing more on-site training within a properly facilitated training room.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Completion of the project will allow communities to come together and be trained to a high standard, and have a hub where they can refresh their skills, as and when required. The outcome is communities will be in a better position to help each other in times of crisis with the confidence that the actions they have been shown are to the standard accepted by the emergency services.