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Teynham Community Pre-School


To ensure the children attending have a chance to fore fill their potential in well-being and education.

Total received £1,956.81

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About this cause

Teynham Community Pre-School is a charity run organisation; we are a not for profit organisation who fundraise to provide extra experiences for the children. We receive money from KCC for children who are government funded. This money goes towards paying staff and the costs of the charity for example the rent, bills and providing resources for the children. We try to fundraise for the extra resources and experiences for the children, however as you can imagine it does become quite hard to continue to think of new and fresh ideas that will bring some money in to support the setting.

Teynham Community Pre-School website

How this cause brings people in the community together

Teynham Pre-School is at the heart of many young families within the area. We aim to give every child the best for them as an individual, whether through support for education or for mental health. We invite families in whenever possible, to share these precious learning steps before the child enters education. Giving a solid and secure footing to go onto the next milestone.