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Emmeline's Pantry

Our project helps to reduce poverty in the local area and brings local people together through volunteering.

Total received £5,040.37

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About this cause

We are a female-run food bank, food pantry and baby pantry, providing a lifeline to vulnerable women from all walks of life; women who have experienced domestic abuse/violence, rape, modern day slavery, trafficking, mental health issues, disabilities, homelessness and poverty. We provide fresh and halal food, long-life food, baby items, sanitary products, toiletries, clothes and toys to women and their families. We encourage 'choice' and do not discriminate based on need. We run solely on donations, fundraising and income generated from the food pantry and by recycling unwanted clothes. The baby pantry is a referral service for vulnerable women who have given, or are about to give, birth. We help them to prepare for admission to hospital, ensuring they have everything they need.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

This would raise the profile of our charity as we have recently moved into the area. The project would encourage the local community to come and participate with the development of the project. Being an inner city charity, we are keen that children learn about how food arrives on their plates. Nearby schools will be invited to bring children along to learn about the 'ground to plate' approach.