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Kangaroos Mid Sussex


We would like to run an after-school sports club for disabled children to learn skills and have fun together.

Total received £2,713.36

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About this cause

Kangaroos has been based in Mid Sussex since 1994, providing a range of fun, inclusive social and leisure activities in our local community, for young people who have learning disabilities, as well as additional physical, sensory, medical or behavioural difficulties. We enable our members to have a social life with their peers, giving them opportunities to enjoy a wide range of activities, supported by experienced staff and volunteers. We aim to provide activities and social opportunities that all children and young people need to fulfil their emotional, social, cognitive and physical needs. Disabilities include autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, complex medical needs, visual and hearing impairments, limited mobility and communication difficulties.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Kangaroos gives disabled children opportunities to play inclusive games and sports in a supportive environment. Keeping children active is important for their development, and many with learning disabilities are unable to join a mainstream club. AllSports runs a SEN School, offering a range of sports such as touch rugby, football, athletics and swimming, tailored to the abilities of the children.