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Hurting to Healing


H2H works with adults experiencing physical and/or mental health issues which directly result from the abuse they suffered as children.

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About this cause

H2H supports adults who suffer from the enduring consequences of childhood abuse. We provide a low-cost, specialist counselling service that meets survivors' needs to rebuild their lives. Survivors may experience distress and debilitating symptoms and grow into traumatised adults, marginalised by society, and susceptible to enduring mental and physical illness. H2H offers one-to-one counselling, support programmes, or the option of group therapy. We help survivors put their abuse behind them, understand that it was not their fault, and lose the guilt they have felt for years.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Survivors are often withdrawn and cut off from their families and local communities. Counselling and support from H2H helps these individuals to learn to trust again, to have the confidence to go back into their communities, and to apply for work.