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Smell the Roses


We would like to offer more ReTreat days to mothers in our community with children that require additional needs.

Total received £4,891.02

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About this cause

We offer ReTreat days to mothers with children with additional needs. The days are monthly, during school hours and we include a range of activities. We also provide breakfast, lunch and refreshments. The activities include peer-to-peer support, a quiet room to sleep or read, manicures and massages along with watercolour painting, candle making and jewellery making. We see the mothers arrive looking stressed, tired and often feeling isolated. We help connect the mothers with others in similar situations to help them feel less isolated and more able to cope. We want to reach as many mothers as possible and in turn help their wider family unit, too.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

By offering ReTreat days we are bringing together mothers who have children with additional needs who are really struggling to cope and can feel isolated. We provide a safe space for them to share ideas or difficulties and to lighten the burden. Through the activities and pampering they can have some "me" time and remember what it feels like to have something for themselves.