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The Memorial Orchard

We would like to ensure the development and preservation of our orchard, so that our community can access and enjoy it all year round.

Total received £2,890.64

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About this cause

The Memorial Orchard is a community orchard which serves the communities of Weaverham and Hartford. The orchard is free to access at all times and the fruit grown by our apple and pear trees are distributed free of charge. We have deliberately incorporated a grove of small trees in order for the children to tend. The orchard is designated as a memorial orchard in order to honour the service personnel who served in during World War I and subsequent conflicts.

The Memorial Orchard website

How this cause brings people in the community together

The orchard is open every day for visitors of all ages to enjoy. We encourage the use of the space amongst families by providing picnic tables and a special child-friendly area. We host seasonal events with inclusive participation, such as apple picking days. Local schools use our orchard as a teaching aid, learning the importance of sustainability through the example set by our bee hotels.