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Roots Out


We aim to kickstart an urban farming movement by teaching and supporting young people interested in growing fresh vegetables.

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About this cause

We will be providing gardening courses for local residents, school groups and charities, particularly those involved in mental health support. We will be supporting the set-up and management of small urban farms that aim to grow food for social eating spaces and food banks. By supporting and encouraging urban farming, we will be making healthy, nutritious vegetables more abundant and affordable, as well as improving mental and physical health. Urban farming also promotes biodiversity by restoring a balanced ecosystem and encouraging environmental harmony. Its financial viability means urban farming also presents a long-term sustainable solution. We will be setting up small grow sites in backyards, churches, schools, community centres, and any other public spaces we are directed towards.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

We will be hosting a wide range of workshops and courses, whilst providing regular free meals on-site. We are hoping to organise a monthly urban farmers market, where all our growers can come together to share, trade and sell the fruits of their labour. We have partnered up with a number of local organisations, including Nottingham City Council, to ensure we complement existing community groups.