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Ruddington District Girl Guides


We would like to buy more camping equipment and provide more activities for the girls, as well as replace equipment used weekly.

Total received £3,737.37

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About this cause

We provide several Girl Guiding units in Ruddington for girls aged five to 17, giving them the opportunity to grow in confidence and experience different activities. We encourage girls to develop through group activities, as well as independently. We take the girls on camps and always have a fun-filled term. We are in need of more camping equipment, as well as equipment we use on a weekly basis. We like to take the girls out as much as we can but obviously this comes at a cost. We have more than 100 girls involved in Guiding in the district and would like the girls to have every opportunity to try new activities. We would like to be able to take all the girls away and to have enough equipment to do so.

How this cause brings people in the community together

Taking the girls away to camp brings the girls of Ruddington together. Not all girls go to the same school, so it's a great way to widen friendship groups. Our district camp also brings girls of all ages together. The activities we offer provide the girls with self-confidence as they step out of their comfort zones.