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Windsor Horse Rangers


We aim to replace our tatty tack room and tractor shed with a new building, which would give us more teaching space and two extra stables.

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About this cause

Our aim is to educate children about all aspects of horse care and riding. We have 24 horses and ponies, and are run by volunteers. For 50 weekends each year, 180 local children attend, including some with special needs. We have 700 children on our waiting list. The children are taught from a syllabus that gets more in-depth as they progress. They learn every aspect of how to look after and ride a horse. They work towards badges and are given ranks and promotions as they prove themselves. The older children are invited to stay on all day to help with the younger ones who attend in the afternoons. We have had several children with challenging behaviour attend Rangers, and have seen them change for the better as they are accepted and given responsibilities within our structure.

Windsor Horse Rangers website

How this cause brings people in the community together

As well as learning about horses, Rangers learn teamwork, leadership, responsibility and many other life skills. They spend lots of time outside doing physical work. Over the years, hundreds of local children have benefited from the activities we provide. Several Rangers have completed equine-related degrees at university and gained a direction in life which they did not have before joining us.