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Middle Street Resource Centre


We will build a peaceful and quiet oasis in our garden, where people can remember their friends and loved ones who have passed on.

Total received £4,101.05

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About this cause

Our charity runs a community centre in Beeston, Notts. The main ethos of the charity is to support people with mental health issues, but we have opened up as a general community centre open to all members of the local and greater Nottingham public as a way of breaking the stigma of mental health. We support the local community with a community cafe open all week, a community garden and many volunteering opportunities to build people’s confidence. We are looking to provide a memorial garden in our extensive community garden as a peaceful and quiet oasis where people can think about any lost friends and relations. The garden will be planned and maintained by a wonderful group of volunteers who already look after the garden at the centre, with support from the management team.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

It will bring the community together by providing an open access area in the community garden as a place where anyone can sit quietly and remember their lost ones. The area would be planned and maintained by volunteers and we would open these opportunities out to other members of the local community.