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We will help children who have experienced trauma, by providing them with the space, resources and support to catch up with their education.

Total received £7,655.93

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About this cause

We are a newly established Community Interest Company (CIC), based in Hebden Bridge. Our aim is to improve the educational outcomes for vulnerable children and young people aged between 8 and 13. We were established to support children who are experiencing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), and whose education is affected as a result of abuse, neglect or trauma. Evidence suggests that a child who is experiencing an ACE will have poorer educational outcomes and fewer opportunities. We want to provide an educational intervention and prevent poor outcomes. We provide a trauma informed nurturing environment that is safe, secure, flexible and a caring, with a focus on wellbeing, social and emotional learning, and building resilience.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Children that experience adversity often become isolated, and their education suffers in the aftermath of the trauma. Our interventions can very quickly turn this around and get them believing in themselves, aspiring and participating once again. We will bring children together from all walks of life, with the goal of improving their engagement with education. We work with a wide range of schools.