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1st Roffey Scout Group

This will benefit the 144 members of 1st Roffey as well as the local community. Giving a safe and secure environment for various activities.

Total received £2,684.36

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About this cause

The First Roffey Scout Group has been serving the community since 1920 and is the oldest scout group in Horsham. We host 122 young people from an area larger than 10 square miles and have a staff of 22 volunteers. Our executive committee is extremely active in the community working with leaders, parents and the children to ensure we help and improve the lives of people in our community. Our scout hut is in need of a new floor in the main hall, the previous floor has served us well for 30 years, but with over 120 scout members (ages 5 to 18), adult volunteers and community groups using the hut for an average of 10 hours a week, 40 weeks a year, has had an effect and although in the past it has been repaired, it is now at the stage that it needs to be completely replaced.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

This project will enable us to increase the use of the hut for local community activities, local group meetings and allow us to offer more places for the young people of Roffey to have a better chance of getting involved in the life changing world of scouting. This will secure the future of the oldest scout group in Horsham and allow us to meet the demands of today's modern society.