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Inchgarth Community Centre


Our project will bring children, young people, parents and grandparents together for weekly entertainment.

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About this cause

Inchgarth Community Centre is Aberdeen's busiest, is run by the community, is pretty much self-financing and is a non-profit organisation. With 150 sessions of activity catering for every age group, we take particular pride in the work we do with children, young people, the elderly, those with disabilities and the most vulnerable in our community. Inchgarth is a Queen's Award recipient, which is the highest award an organisation can receive in the UK. Inchgarth works tirelessly to provide the social, wellbeing and learning opportunities for some 2,000 users, where it is the main service provider. Our core purpose is to improve the life chances of those living in our community and using our centre.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Our project has a successful track record of bringing every age group in the community together. By having weekly entertainment, we strongly believe the attendance will be significant, while we will also promote inter-generational sessions to bring the pensioners, children and disabled together for activities.