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Causeway Community Garden


Working together to maintain and develop the community garden will help to foster community spirit and combat loneliness and isolation.

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About this cause

We aim to benefit the residents in the area by working together with other organisations in an effort to advance gardening knowledge, skills and experience, and to provide a safe, pleasant outdoor environment. We would like to give local people the opportunity to be involved in the creation, maintenance and development of the garden and provide a pleasing outdoor space. It is hoped that this will help to improve the conditions of life for the residents of the area, particularly those people who are isolated, lonely, or maybe suffering from mental or physical health problems that limit their ability to socialise. We aim to provide a common, safe space in which to gather together to enjoy the experience of a community garden and to foster a community spirit.

How this cause brings people in the community together

There are limited opportunities in the Causeway area for the community to meet and participate in meaningful activities. Our project will go some way to filling this void by offering community gardening sessions when anyone can garden or socialise. We hope the garden will encourage people to take more pride in the area which has suffered recently from criminal activities.