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Emerge 3RS

We would like to give skills, work experience and confidence to help long-term unemployed people become job-ready through volunteering.

Total received £1,475.22

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About this cause

Emerge 3RS practises resource conservation and environmental protection through waste reduction and upcycling, as well as poverty relief and the promotion of good health through food sharing activities. We run FareShare Greater Manchester, fighting food waste and poverty. In 2018, we distributed 3 million meals, saving 4954 tonnes of CO2 emissions and helping those in need.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

We have volunteers from local communities and from local companies. The 3 million meals that they help deliver is vital to bringing people together. This could be families living in poverty, elderly people eating at a community centre, homeless people being fed at a hostel, schoolchildren getting meals at a holiday hunger club or day centres cooking for people with health issues.