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Greater Manchester Doulas CIC


We would like to provide funded doula services, which are an additional layer of support to women throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Total received £2,071.59

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About this cause

We support women in the childbearing year, improving outcomes for mothers and babies, and our vision is to make our support accessible to all local women. Through fundraising, our existing doula services are available to women who cannot afford them. We promote mental and physical health in the community by providing an additional layer of support for women through pregnancy and beyond. We openly discuss women’s hopes, fears, and expectations of birth, we provide antenatal education and share decision-making tools. This enables women to make informed choices that lead to fully individualised care. When women are respected and in control throughout pregnancy and birth, it has a positive impact on how they feel long-term.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

When women have positive birth and parenting experiences, they want to share their story with others and pass on their wisdom. The women supported through our project will be invited to join the free support groups we facilitate, both online and weekly in the community. The groups will be a forum for women to connect with other families and build strong relationships within their communities.