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Skylor's Animal Rescue


We aim to bring people of all ages from the community together to stop loneliness, improve mental and physical health, and help rescue dogs.

Total received £3,814.80

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About this cause

Ours is a small dog rescue centre which relies of a small group volunteers as dog fosterers, walkers and home checkers. We recently moved to premises with land. The field is ideal for the physical and mental stimulation that every rescue dog needs to be able to adjust to their new circumstances. We're hoping that having more suitable (firm) access to the field will open us up to a wider range of volunteers/groups who will be able to assist with the dogs. Volunteers with physical limitations will be able to gain access to the field to interact with the dogs if we can improve the surface. We believe that dogs are brilliant therapy for mental health, long term physical illness and older people, and we want to be able to offer volunteering opportunities for the whole community.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Dogs are brilliant therapy. Spending time stroking a dog, playing ball or just walking is good for all mental and physical wellbeing. Volunteering reduces loneliness and isolation in any age, and a visit to Skylor's is a reason to get out and about, meet others and helps our rescue dogs who are just waiting to be taken for a walk or a fun agility session in the field.