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Back on Track

Social Inclusion

We want to run mental health and wellbeing workshops for people who have been homeless, and other disadvantaged adults.

£4,882.26 raised so far

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About the Project

Most people who have been homeless have also experienced mental health problems. Our project will help people feel better straight away and also teach ways of coping with stress in the future. The activities will include wellbeing courses, mindful art and working with nature. At the same time people will be able to get the guidance, training and work experience they need to build a new life.

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About the Charity

Back on Track is based in city centre Manchester. The people we work with have all had serious problems in life – some have been homeless while others have had problems with drugs and alcohol. We support people to build the skills they need to lead fulfilling lives - through training courses, work experience and mentoring. We have a catering enterprise called Swan Kitchens, staffed by disadvantaged adults. The team provide outside catering to organisations across Manchester, and also run market stalls. We also run a range of activities for people with mental health problems that help people boost wellbeing. 93% of the people we work with say that coming to Back on Track helps relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.