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Citizens Advice Westminster

Education & Skills

We want to expand the reach of our financial capability training sessions, to help people use and manage their money better.

Total received £2,433.55

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About this cause

Citizens Advice Westminster is a front-line service providing essential advice and information to those living in and around Westminster. We help people resolve their legal, money and other problems. We do this by providing advice and information on their rights and responsibilities, as well as influencing local government and other decision-makers to improve their policies and practices which affect local communities. Citizens Advice Westminster, together with the wider Citizens Advice service, uses the evidence of their clients’ problems to campaign for improvements in the laws and services that affect everyone; both locally and nationally. We advise on a wide range of subjects including Benefits, Debt, Consumer, Legal, Tax, Family law, Energy suppliers and Immigration & Nationality.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

It can be argued that the financial wellbeing of individuals has a big effect on the overall cohesion, sociability and potential for co-operation within communities. If people are in debt, struggling with rising interest rates, falling benefits or dependent on foodbanks, they are unlikely to be engaged and working with others on things which improve the community. Our workshops resolve this.