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Shalbourne Primary School

Education & Skills

We want to build an extension to the school to house a kitchen and staff room.

Total received £1,521.89

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About this cause

Shalbourne Primary School is located in the rural village of Shalbourne with c.700 residents in East Wiltshire, located 5 miles south west and 10 miles south east of Hungerford & Marlborough respectively. The school governors are raising money for an extension to be built to house a staff room and important kitchen facilities. We believe developing cookery skills and healthy eating will support both parents and children to attain good levels of nutrition essential for growing and learning. A well balanced diet is often the key to better concentration & behaviour. Shalbourne School has 32% of pupils receiving pupil premium and 15% with special needs. This extension with benefit all current and future families & staff of our school.

How this cause brings people in the community together

A kitchen & staff room for our school will help us teach children and families about the importance of good nutrition and how it can promote learning. It will not only help current pupils and their families but all students in the future as well.