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Deeside Rugby Football Club


We want to extend our 'Trim Trail' - a fitness circuit around the edge of our fields - for the benefit of members and the wider community.

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About this cause

We are a community rugby club that provides rugby training, support and games to all from age 5 to adult. The sections at primary school age - age 5 - 11 - are mixed boys and girls. Teams above that age group are segragated boys and girls. We currently have boys teams at each age group (U13,14,15,16,18), a growing number of girls who play as part of the Grampian Girls teams and one adult team. In season 2018/19, the youth section teams will be playing in the SRU Mitsubishi Lancer Conference League in addition to SRU cup games. The adult team currently plays in the regional BT Caledonia League 2 North.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

We look to create a facility that is used not only by players but by parents of our younger members to use when their offspring are at rugby training. This would expand their involvement in the Club. We would also look to work with other clubs, e.g. the local athletics club for them to use as part of their general fitness training.