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Digswell Place Group RDA


We want to improve and reconfigure the fencing for our grazing paddocks, to make better use of the land and keep our ponies even happier.

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About this cause

Digswell Place Group RDA is a purpose built stables dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through the provision of opportunities for riding. We believe that it’s what you can do that counts. Through riding & horse care activities, we aim to provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment to children & adults with a variety of disabilities. Riders gain physiological advantages of exercise in the open air, increased self-confidence, independence and the opportunity to meet and socialise with the RDA community and have fun. Our facilities; stables, ponies, grazing paddocks and teaching facilities are all provided exclusively for charitable purposes, which makes Digswell Place RDA a very special experience for our 106 riders and 140 volunteers.

How this cause brings people in the community together

Digswell Place Group RDA is a community of 140 local volunteers who help 106 local disabled riders. Our riders come from local schools and families. We are entirely reliant on fundraising to run our facilities, and work with local businesses and local charities to raise our funds. Our philosophy for riders, helpers, donors & supporters is " It's what you can do that counts".