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Lawrence Weston Community Farm


We want to fund our Woodland Wellbeing sessions, teaching new skills, combating loneliness and promoting mental health.

Total received £8,584.38

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About this cause

Established by local people in 1986, the farm has grown into a popular, valued and respected community managed project providing services and opportunities that extend well beyond community farming and gardening. We are often described as a community centre without a roof! In response to the needs of local residents, many of who experience high levels of deprivation and disadvantage, we provide a range of innovative and inspiring educational, social and recreational activities that facilitate personal development, promote health and wellbeing, social cohesion and community regeneration. Our work particularly benefits disadvantaged young families, people with disabilities, isolated older people and people experiencing mental health problems.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Participants enjoy a shared responsibility for the Woodland Wellbeing sessions; making suggestions for activities, looking after themselves and others, sharing knowledge, acknowledging their own and others uniqueness, sharing the camp fire cooking/clear up, working together on projects such as hurdle making, supporting others when struggling and giving project feed back. .