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Halton Carers Centre Ltd


We want to provide holistic therapies and podiatry treatments to combat the stress faced by young and adult carers in Halton.

£6,383.83 raised so far

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About the Project

Many of our carers live in remote areas in Halton and find it hard to travel to our Centre to access therapy and podiatry treatments. The new bridge toll has further affected travel. These carers are physically and socially isolated and wellbeing is poor. The project will enable carers to come together at community venues in remote areas for a holistic therapy/podiatry treatment and a cuppa.

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About the Charity

Halton Carers Centre was established in 2008 as a charity working with unpaid young and adult carers who care for someone who has an illness, disability, frailty, mental health issue or substance or alcohol abuse problem and lives in Halton. Our mission is "To ensure that carers in Halton receive the best possible advice and support to meet their needs." We currently support 5,300 young and adult carers. Our services are designed to address the issues that carers face including lonlieness, isolation, health and financial issues. Services include: An Information and Advice service for all carers, professionals and public in Halton One to one support Social activities Training courses Holistic therapy and podiatry treatments GP/Hospital Worker Young carer "in school" support