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Norwich Door to Door

Social Inclusion

We'd like to take our passengers on day trips to places they can't visit on their own due to disabilities and financial constraints.

£1,135.37 raised so far

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About the Project

This project brings both passengers & volunteers together in an inclusive environment with opportunities for friendship & new connections.These well attended & oversubscribed events are treasured as it is rare for passengers to have the opportunity for holidays & breaks from the norm. For volunteers, mostly 60+, male & live alone, it's a chance to socialise with team members they don't often see.

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About the Charity

Local charity, Norwich Door to Door, enables social inclusion and enhances the quality of life of people in Norwich who are disadvantaged by severe mobility problems, disabilities, low incomes and an inability to access public transport services. To achieve our objective we offer a fully accessible mobility bus service with affordable fares, a helping hand and a caring team. Our passengers are empowered by having access to the resources available in their community and can make their own contribution to relieve their feelings of loneliness and social isolation and improving their general well being. We offer Independence, Equality, Safety and Security.