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Arts 4 Dementia:

Art & Culture

We want to create ongoing free arts workshops to inspire and energise local people affected by early-stage dementia.

Total received £10,890.09

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About this cause

Arts 4 Dementia is a UK charity. We: 1. Develop innovative pilot arts programmes with arts organisations to re-energise and inspire people in the early stages of dementia and their carers 2. Signpost arts events nationwide for people living with dementia in the community 3. Provide early-stage dementia awareness training for arts facilitators. Why? Creative skills can remain vibrant for years after the onset of dementia. Neuroscientists and clinicians, as well as A4D’s evaluation, conferences and reports, have demonstrated that engaging in artistic activity is a highly effective way to reawaken and re-stimulate cognitive ability. Our aim is to make inspirational, challenging local arts activities available for all with dementia in the community and that our pilot programmes be continued.

How this cause brings people in the community together

The project targets families living with dementia who are still living within the community (not care homes), combatting isolation and creating an environment for both carer and cared-for that's safe, inspiring and empowering. By engaging local arts organisations, these programmes create links between established institutions and the most isolated in their communities, providing a support network.