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Ickle Pickles Hampshire


We want to offer a series of fun, family-friendly fundraisers, where families can make memories whilst supporting local neonatal units.

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About this cause

The Ickle Pickles offers a unique opportunity to help vulnerable babies and their families at a crucial time in their lives. Our objectives include: • Purchase specialised equipment, such as incubators, to help neonatal units and neonatal transfer teams provide incredible levels of care to premature and sick babies; • Assist neonatal units to improve their facilities, so parents of babies in neonatal care, who may be at hospital many miles from home for months, can experience a welcoming and comfortable environment; • Providing a channel for families and friends of babies treated in neonatal units to raise funds for neonatal / NHS Trusts around England and Wales • Raising awareness amongst the British public about the incredible work that neonatal units do every single day.

How this cause brings people in the community together

These events will be community based and driven. They will rely upon volunteers helping to organise, promote and set up the events. Anyone will be welcome at the events and this in term will help give all people a better understanding of what having a premature baby is like and how vital the units are. Everyone will be working together for the same outcomes. Supporting neonatal babies.