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Forest Gate Community Garden

Community Development

We want to set up and run a community gardening club for local children.

£1,305.14 raised so far

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About the Project

The project is an opportunity for families to spend time together outdoors, providing regular chances to spend time learning from and with their local community. It will be set within the community garden environment, a space managed and maintained entirely by local volunteers. Activities will be designed around sharing skills and co-operation working with other local residents and experts.

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About the Charity

Forest Gate Community Garden has grown out of the passion and dedication of local people. In June 2016 we officially opened to the public after 2 years of preparation. We aim: 1) To create and maintain green spaces for wildlife, plants and people 2) To support enjoyment and learning about nature 3) To promote an inclusive community and nurture wellbeing We participate in all local events and festivals, also providing a programme of activities that support our aims, alongside regular volunteering opportunities. We continue to establish ourselves as a community hub and have become an integral part of Forest Gate life.