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Hauxton Preschool

Young People

We want to hold a fundraising event to provide materials and resources for the local preschool.

Total received £2,203.98

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About this cause

Hauxton Preschool is a charity-run committee led facility, offering preschooling for the village of Hauxton and its surrounds, for children aged 2-4 years. There are 3 dedicated members of staff who enable the children to fulfil their potential and have a lot of fun. We rely heavily on fundraising and government funding to cover day - to day running costs. Fees dont cover salaries, rent, or bills and we are in desperate need of additional support. My role for the preschool is ChairPerson of the committee - my objective is to try and keep the preschool open for as long as possible, however my concerns are becoming very real that we may be looking at having to close soon, unless something changes.

How this cause brings people in the community together

The event is going to be a great night, full of fun and joviality. It will be open to all surrounding villages, and the money raised will directly impact the children and their parents from the preschool. Without vital fundraising the preschool cannot operate, this is a great way to raise spirits and come together to support such a worthy facility.