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Rainhill Trials Commemoration Group

Art & Culture

We want to bring Stephenson's Rocket home to Rainhill, and celebrate the 190th anniversary of the Rainhill Locomotive Trials.

Total received £6,956.48

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About this cause

Rainhill Trials Commemoration Group is helping to ensure that the history of Rainhill as the birthplace of the railway is celebrated. The objective of the organisation is to organise and co-ordinate celebrations of the Rainhill Locomotive Trials of 1829, both the 190th and 200th anniversaries, in 2019 and 2029. The group incorporates members of the Rainhill Railway and Heritage Society, who operate the Rainhill Trials Exhibition, a museum dedicated to the Rainhill Locomotive trials ( The Exhibition offers an education service, welcoming groups of school children, to explain the origins of the Railway . By educating the children of today we hope to pass on this legacy to future generations and ensure Rainhill's unique place in history is never forgotten.

How this cause brings people in the community together

All local organisations are collaborating to provide a programme of activities, exhibitions and performances. With a common cause, organisations are interacting, building friendships and working together to celebrate their heritage. Joint planning events are strengthening relationships and generating new members for organisations, building community spirit and cohesion.