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Turf Projects

Education & Skills

We want to train our staff, develop our access resources and purchase equipment to make our programmes more accessible and inclusive.

Total received £3,676.96

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About this cause

Turf Projects is the first entirely artist-run contemporary art space in Croydon, South London. The main aims of Turf is to support the development of artists, curators and the public by providing an ambitious programme of free exhibitions, workshops and events. A strong strand of our programmes are community-led, which includes the development of MOSS (Makers of Stuff Squad) who are an artist collective comprised of learning-disabled adults. Established by creatives with a personal connection to the borough, Turf currently exists across two ex-retail units. We aim to be as accessible as we can by developing Turf's programmes to be as inclusive as possible.

How this cause brings people in the community together

Turf Projects runs the artist collective MOSS (Makers of Stuff Squad) since 2014: Through experiences gained from supporting MOSS, Turf recognises there is a larger scope to develop its arts programmes and aim to be as inclusive as possible. Turf will increase its access to a more diverse Croydon community, encouraging all to engage with us as visitors and artists.