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Knoydart Community Hall

Community Development

We want to create and landscape an outdoor event space and recreational amphitheatre in the woodland behind the hall.

Total received £3,435.53

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About this cause

Knoydart Community Hall owns, runs and manages the only public space on the Knoydart Peninsula. The Hall serves the local community and all the visitors to the area. The Hall provides space for social events, community meals, cultural events, local democracy and meetings, public facilities, training, education, conferencing and leisure activities. The Hall also helps to organise all of the above. The objectives of the Hall, which is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, is to continue to provide the space, organise events and facilitate community inclusion. The Hall is also trying to expand its operations and include local employment into its day to day activity. As part of our re-development we hope to provide an landscaped outdoor space to the back of the Hall.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

The Hall is the only place large enough for the community to come together as a group. By making its attractions more diverse and comfortable we will see the community come together more regularly. The work itself will promote local co-operation by inviting discussion on planting and maintenance of the space. The work will be done by a mixture of paid and volunteer labour.